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Hi RCA groups,

Since you are deciding who your delegate couple is at this moment, please take the time to decide and send a donation from your group or from yourself for the Silent Auction at the RCA convention in England. All proceeds go to RCA WSO.

This is a fun way to work the 7th tradition.

If you are NOT going to England RCA convention, please email Gerrie This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your donation by Aug 17th or mail your poster describing your donation to

Kathleen Harcos

1105 Ironwood

Alameda, California 94502      (so it arrives by Aug.17th)

If you are going to England RCA convention or know a couple attending... please bring your donation and give to Gerrie when you get to the convention in Guildford, England.

SOME IDEAS for SILENT may have your own idea ...GREAT!

  • Harrod’s bag (doesn't everyone want a Harrrod's bag?)
  • Good Tea package
  • Tickets to the Superbowl
  • 2 Tickets to Toronto’s Pan Am games July 10-16 value $90
  • Tickets to London theatre
  • Tickets to theatre in New York City
  • Registration for the Lighthouse retreat in Pacific Grove CA value $_____
  • Registration to Oregon retreat value $____
  • Registration for the Washington retreat value $_____
  • Gift certificate to shop at Harrod’s in London
  • High tea at the Dorchester Hotel in London
  • PARK Pass to any US National Park
  • Gift certificate to Hard Rock Café ...since it is an international restaurant..they are found everywhere in the world
  • Gift certificate to CHILIES restaurant is also an international restaurant
  • Offer your cottage and host a couple for a weekend or a week
  • Offer your time share.
  • Offer your home and host a couple for a week or a weekend and take couple to an RCA meeting in your home town
  • Registration for a couple to attend SANTA Clarita CALIFORNIA RCA convention in 2015
  • Subscription to National Geographic
  • Gift certificate to buy books or CDs at Hazeldon
  • VISA certificate worth $100
  • Recovery Books
  • Caps
  • Candles
  • 2 matching coffee/water mugs for a couple
  • PKG of English treats for the Road (many couples coming to England are traveling around Europe for a while.)
  • Is there an artist among us who will offer a piece of art?
  • Is there a jewelry maker in RCA offering earrings, necklaces, for the silent auction, etc?


Here is a sample of how to create your poster...add a picture please. Your silent auction contribution is appreciated.

This is a for real silent auction item:

FOR Silent Auction at RCA convention in England

Donated by: Gerrie and Randy a couple from the Winnipeg RCA Group

What you are bidding on

A 2 or 3 day weekend in Winnipeg...

we will take you ice fishing if you come between December and March

or walleye fishing if you come to Winnipeg in the summer.

What’s included:

Accommodation at our home and a cottage...since we are on the RCA B and B list you can stay with us and all we ask is that you make a donation to RCA WSO (recommend $25 per day) . Where else can you stay at such a good price?

We have the boat

We have the fishing gear

We have warm clothes to borrow if you are going ice fishing

We have 2 wonderful dogs that will come with us MOON and MAX

(It is very important to add your contact information. It will not be on the poster at the convention ... but this information will be given to the winning bidder.)

Gerrie and Randy

3388 Raleigh St

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

R2E 1B9

204 668 1515

Starting Bid...$_150_