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 Experience, Strength and Hope Focusing on the RCA Recovery Meeting as Community

Recovery meetings are as fragile as the people that fill them. They can run afoul of all sorts of problems and fall apart or wither away. Also meetings sometimes survive, but don't make as salutary an impact in the lives of their participants as they might. Some few meeting survive and grow, leading to real recovery in the lives of their participants.

What are the differences, and what can be done to make meetings robust, healthy and successful in the lives of their participants? We have been in RCA from the earliest days, and we’ve seen many meetings come and go. We would like to explore with you what we have learned about healthy   meetings and less healthy meetings. The overriding key is those meetings (and groups of meetings) that develop a sense of community work best and have the best chance to survive and enhance the recovery of their members. Let's explore together what works to foster a community in recovery.