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Ongoing Coupleship Recovery in RCA: What’s It Like?

 Couples with many continuous years of active RCA participation sometimes report looking back and seeing various stages in their relationship recovery: hitting bottom, and the trauma of early recovery; the initial focus on individual problems and issues, and next the turning of attention to the collective identity known as their relationship together; maybe witnessing newcomer couples in their “pink cloud,” when the temporary relief of reduced chaos and lessened pain leads many newer couples prematurely to leave the Fellowship, convinced their life together is now and forevermore healthy and dysfunction-free.

But for RCA couples who “stick,” what then?  What does “deepening intimacy” look like?  How DO some couples find themselves relieved of the fear of economic insecurity?  What’s it like to move out of coupleshame, and into a new feeling of “couple esteem”?

The Program tells us that we can be granted the many free gifts such as playfulness, joy, humor, spontaneity and serenity -- if at least in some small measure we make ourselves ready to receive these rewards.  If you’re fairly new, come hear what “later” RCA recovery can be like.  If you’re RCA veterans, share some of your joys and challenges as you “Keep Coming Back.”