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Friday Evening Family Panel


Couples new to recovery usually are facing an overwhelming number of family crises and issues that can seem both critical and hopeless. Other partners with more time in RCA and now past the initial chaos and the trauma of early recovery still can face many other family challenges.

For couples new to recovery, what happens to the family as a whole? Many of us have found that the process is surprising, very difficult, and unpredictable in many ways. Raised in out-of-control homes and with our addictive inheritances, we may have       tolerated abuse of ourselves and of our families.

Perhaps we don’t see the impact of having lived with active addiction until we begin to acknowledge that there are familiar difficulties in our present lives and relationships. We may experience ourselves as inadequate parents, trying to balance our recovery needs with family obligations, and we may find ourselves somewhere between self-pity and self-hatred.

Some of us have found that family recovery can’t really start until couple recovery starts; and for some of us our relationship recovery couldn’t start until recovery started for the two partners individually.

For partners now well along in their RCA recovery and individual recoveries, different issues may need to be addressed. Having fun together and playing together, as a   couple and as a family. Making family amends, particularly living amends -- continuing to work the RCA program and being a recovery example to other family members. Secondary addictions.

Few of us walked into our first RCA meeting firmly convinced there was a Power greater than ourselves that could be good in our lives. The wisdom of members who have used RCA tools and have worked RCA’s Steps before us is essential to understanding fully the spiritual answers and guidance we are about to experience.   Come participate in this Family presentation; after Panel couples share, there will be time and opportunity for audience participation.