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How do I search for meetings in a specific area?

search help2

The meeting locator allows for 3 types of searches.  The first search is called a meta-word search, the second allows you to search by category, and the third allows you to search by zip code and additionally it allows you to enter a radius in miles center to zip code.  Let’s see how this can help you find a meeting.  It is not advisable to mix the search types since the outcomes can be unpredictable.  Please review the descriptions below and choose the search type that best matches your needs.

Search 1, meta-word.  Let’s assume you are looking for a meeting that you think is in “West New Providence York Town” and you can’t remember if it is in New York or New Jersey.  Using the meta-word search you could enter all of the words “West New Providence York Town” in the search bar.  Next you have to select how you want the search to look for the meeting name.  Option 1 is “any words” which means if any of the words “West New Providence York Town” are found in the meeting description, the search will return a listing. Option 2 is “all words” which means all words have to be found in the meeting description to be displayed. And finally option 3 is exact phrase which means the meeting description must contain the phrase exactly as it is entered in the search request, in this case, “West New Providence York Town”.  Once you have entered your search request you select the search button to the right of the input box.  If you wish to change your search criteria you simply select “clear selections” and start again.  For example, you may remember that a meeting might be called “harmony” something.  You would enter “harmony” and select one of the options and select search.

Search 2 is a category search.  The category search allows you to mix different search items, such as type of meeting, state, county, and meeting type.  Simply select from the options available and select the search button at the bottom of the search tool.  You will be presented with a list of meetings that match your request.  If you wish to start again select “clear selections” and choose your search options again.

Search 3 is a zip code / radius search.  This search allows you to enter a zip code and if desired a distance from the center of that zip code, say 15 miles, for example, and any meetings within that search radius will be listed.  The zip code search will only work with US zip codes.

In the event no meetings are found as the result of any of the above search types, you will be given a default screen that directs you to phone and virtual meetings.

We hope this has been helpful in your search for RCA meetings.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.