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RCA Group Servants




“For our group purpose there is but one ultimate authority -- a loving God as known in our group conscience.  Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern.


It takes member participation to ensure that group service work is done.  Each group determines the minimum length of continuous RCA attendance for RCA members to be eligible for any position or office.  These service positions may have titles.  But titles in RCA do not bring authority or honor; they describe services and responsibilities.  And it has generally been found that in giving members service positions the group’s welfare is of primary concern in choosing group servants.


RCA groups may create such service positions as they deem necessary to carry on the group functions, with such job duties and length-of-attendance requirements as they feel appropriate.  Such positions by way of illustration often include:


* Group Secretary Couple


* Group Treasurer


*Group Contact Couple (GCC)


* Group Elected Delegate Couple


* Greeter/Hospitality Couple


* Literature Couple


Program Chairperson / Couple


Larger RCA groups might create most or all of these service positions.  Smaller or new groups often create just a few positions -- Secretary Couple, Treasurer, GCC – or individual members or individual couples assume more than one service responsibility until the group grows sufficiently.


Suggested Duties – Group Treasurer


While the work of the group treasurer often involves many details, it is important to remember that the money the treasurer oversees serves a spiritual purpose: it enables each group to fulfill its primary purpose of carrying the RCA message to the recovering couple who still suffers.  This is the fundamental work of RCA, and to continue it the group must keep its doors open.  The group treasurer is an important part of this Twelfth Step work.


The group treasurer takes reasonable precautions to safeguard the group’s funds.  The Treasurer is responsible for the group’s finances, consistent with Tradition Seven, “Every RCA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.  Group funds, received through meeting collections, are used for rent, RCA literature, meeting lists, coffee/tea/refreshments and support of AA service entities, monthly or quarterly or annually.


The following are suggested service duties of group Treasurer:


* Pass the collection basket at each meeting.


* Maintain simple, accurate records of income and expenses, as well as a two-signature bank account

where appropriate according to group conscience.


* Pay rent to the meeting place landlord.


* Most groups request a treasurer’s report and all relevant documentation at monthly or regularly scheduled business meetings.  This way, all group members can stay informed about the financial health of the group and can make group conscience decisions about how the funds should be spent..


* Reimburse suppliers for refreshments and related expenses.


* Pay for RCA literature and meeting books.


* Maintain a prudent reserve equivalent to two months’ group expenses.


* Maintain a fund for “Elected Delegate Couple” expenses if the group has decided to reimburse its

elected Delegate Couple partially or fully for attendance at the annual RCA Fellowship business



* Subject to group conscience, disburse group funds in excess of a prudent reserve to RCA WSO.


Suggested length of continuous RCA attendance:  Subject to group conscience.  While there is no standard length of RCA attendance necessary for a couple or member to take on the position of group treasurer, many groups suggest that the treasurer have a reasonable period of continuous RCA participation (at least six months to a year or more).


Suggested term of service:  Subject to group conscience.  Typical Fellowship experience includes a term

of six months or a term of one year.




Suggested Duties – Group (Meeting) Secretary Couple


Group Secretary Couples need to be good all-around group servants.  In some RCA groups the new Secretary Couple may have held prior service positions such as Greeter /Hospitality couple.  In other RCA groups the Secretary position may be the incoming Secretary Couple’s first group service position.


The following are suggested service duties of group Secretary Couple:


* Follow the meeting format in accordance with the group conscience.


* Subject to group conscience, maintain a literature table in the group meeting place.


* Announce information about group activities and events, such as the speaker couple for the current month, or the format for the following week’s meeting, etc.


* [ more ]



Suggested length of continuous RCA attendance:  Subject to group conscience.


In some established RCA groups, newcomer couples with a few weeks’ regular attendance are warmly and strongly encouraged to take on the service of Group Secretary Couple; for such newcomers, Secretary service is an extra motivator for regular (weekly) RCA meeting attendance; in addition they become well-known within the group and their connections with other meeting couples are strengthened.    In new groups, of course, there can be no such requirement.


Suggested term of service:  Subject to group conscience, six months to one year.  In some RCA groups it is customary to have two Secretary Couples serving simultaneously -- rotating every week or every other week or on some other schedule.




















Suggested Duties – Group Elected Delegate Couple (EDC)


The group’s Elected Delegate Couple is the group’s direct link with RCA’s annual Fellowship business meeting, through which RCA groups world-wide share their experience and express RCA’s collective conscience.


Suggested qualifications: any couple who is a member of a Member Group and who professes that they have been actively working the Twelve Steps of RCA for 12 months shall be qualified to be nominated to serve as the Group’s Delegate Couple.  Working familiarity with the Twelve Traditions is strongly recommended.

A “member” of a Member Group is any couple who: considers this Member Group to be their primary/home group in RCA; has been a Group member for at least one year; and attends the Group recovery meetings and business meetings regularly/frequently.  Prior service experience and responsibility within the Member Group are strongly recommended (group secretary couple, Treasurer, Group Contact Couple, etc).

The following are suggested service duties of the Group Elected Delegate Couple:


1. The Delegate Couple becomes informed about all matters for consideration at the annual convention.  In an adequate number of the Group’s pre-convention business meetings and via announcements during the group’s regular recovery meetings, the Delegate Couple seeks to inform group members of those upcoming convention matters, and on these matters the Delegate Couple encourages Group Members’ participation in the group’s development of its informed conscience.

2. The Delegate Couple represents its Member Group by participating in the business meeting of the annual convention and voting for the Member Group on all matters considered at the convention. Participation in the convention business meeting can be in person or via remote electronic means (Skype etc.).  In representing the group at the convention and at the direction of their Member Group, the Delegate Couple either votes the group’s conscience or else votes its own coupleship conscience.

3. The Delegate Couple shall provide a written post-Convention report to their Member Group.

4. The Member Group’s outgoing Delegate Couple shall make themselves available as service sponsors to the Member Group’s incoming,  newly elected Delegate Couple.

5. Assist groups with solving problems or answering questions related to RCA’s Traditions.


6. Attend area Intergroup meetings (where Intergroups exist).  Communicate information received from Intergroups to the group.  Vote for the group in issues presented to area groups by the Intergroup.


Suggested length of continuous RCA attendance: Subject to group conscience.


Suggested term of service: One year, with the option -- if re-elected -- of serving another term as well.



Suggested Duties – Group Contact Couple (GCC)


RCA experience suggests that Group Contact Couples function most effectively with a background in other group offices such as Literature Couple or Treasurer.


The more informed that Group Contact Couples are about RCA as a whole, the better they function.  By keeping Tradition One firmly in mind and by encouraging group members to become familiar with all RCA Traditions, the health of the group will be supported.




The following are suggested service duties of the Group Contact Couple:


* Update the RCA website with any changes of address, meeting place, meeting time, etc.


* Provide orderly transition of all passwords, IDs and contact procedures to succeeding GCCs.


* Maintain cordial relations between the group and the organization from which the meeting room is rented.


* Schedule and preside at periodic group business meetings.


* From the WSO Outreach Committee, receive occasional e-mails and telephone calls.


* Call to the group’s attention any announcements from RCA WSO, regional-area retreats, other nearby RCA   meetings, or -- if there is one -- the local RCA Intergroup.  Share with group members all mail and   e-mail from WSO.


* Substitute for other group officers when necessary.


* Co-sign group checks if a bank account is maintained.


* Some individual RCA groups and their GCCs maintain and update a STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL file of names, addresses and telephone numbers (subject to each couple’s and group conscience approval), and know which members are available as Temporary Sponsor Couples, Twelfth-Step calls, public information requests, etc.


* Some groups maintain a record of member couples’ RCA anniversaries (subject to group conscience).


* It is strongly recommended that Group Contact Couples attend the annual International Convention.




Suggested length of continuous RCA attendance: Subject to group conscience.


Suggested term of service: Subject to group conscience.




Suggested Duties – Greeter / Hospitality Couple



Serving as Greeter / Hospitality couple is a great way to meet and perhaps get to know both newcomer couples and also regularly attending couples.  Some greeters find that their commitment to and joy in service is contagious to others.  Greeter couples also sometimes find this service is a good way to get known by newcomer couples who might be prospective sponsees.


Part of the fear factor of coming to a new meeting is knowing where things are [bathrooms], and the biggest often is “Will we be accepted [sitting in someone’s seat]?”  Greeters also keep in mind that ours is a program of attraction rather than promotion.


The following are suggested service duties of group Greeter / Hospitality Couple:

* Serve as greeter for couples new to the regular (weekly) recovery meeting.  Offer to answer any questions they may have upon coming in.  Newcomer couples often ask questions about things that are most important to them even before the start of the recovery meeting.

* Greet newcomers and members as they arrive.  Help each couple feel welcome.  Introduce them to other members.

* Arrive 15 minutes prior to meeting. Post helpful signs with directions to meeting room, assist in setting up information displays with brochures, flyers, and other information.

* Keep in mind the fragility of some newcomers, remembering the first time you attended an RCA meeting.  Strive to be compassionate, reassuring, and welcoming.  Don’t make promises that you can’t keep.  Don’t get too personal, and maintain confidentiality as per the principles of RCA.  Emphasize to the newcomer that their situation is not unique nor something to be ashamed of.  Don’t be pushy since it may scare the newcomer away.  A newcomer’s body language may be evident on their acceptance or rejection of our meetings and RCA philosophy.  Play it by ear and react accordingly.  If there are any questions regarding the role of the greeter, discuss it within your individual RCA group.

* Serve as a link for connection and fellowship  After the meeting, encourage newcomers to keep coming back.



Suggested length of continuous RCA attendance: Subject to group conscience.


Suggested term of service: Subject to group conscience.  Greeter assignments will be rotated amongst the group members who wish to be assigned to this position.








Suggested Duties – Literature Couple  (LC)



The Literature Couple is responsible for maintaining the group’s supply of literature, both for newcomer couples and for regular members.


“Literature” includes: books, booklets, and journals; pamphlets and brochures; CDs; anniversary medallions and chips; group service guidelines.



The following are suggested service duties of the group Literature Couple:


1. The Literature Couple maintains the meeting’s supply of literature subject to the group conscience.


2. The LC keeps track of group literature supplies and re-orders as needed.


3. The LC obtains funds from the Group Treasurer to restock literature.


4. Orders are placed via the RCA website online literature store.  The LC may place orders utilizing a credit card or a PayPal account, or the LC may download the order form and re-order via postal mail.


5. The LC refers newcomers and regular members to available RCA literature.



Suggested length of continuous RCA attendance: Subject to group conscience.


Suggested term of service: Subject to group conscience.


























Suggested Duties – Program Chairperson / Couple


The Program Chairperson / Couple is responsible for booking incoming  and outgoing speaker couples.



The following are suggested service duties of Program Chairperson / Couple:


* Prepare and post/make accessible a schedule of outgoing meetings for which the group has agreed to provide speakers.


* Recruit group members for outgoing speaking commitments.


* Prepare and post/make accessible a list of incoming speakers with identification of the guest group.


* Confirm, in advance, incoming and outgoing speaking commitments.



Suggested length of continuous RCA attendance: Subject to group conscience.


Suggested term of service: Subject to group conscience.