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Dear addiction and trauma professional: we would like to send you this free packet as our way of introducing the program and fellowship of Recovering Couples Anonymous. Our basic text is included, along with one couple's audio story of early recovery in RCA, and several copies of the "Who We Are" pamphlet for your clients.

Many of us know from personal experience that the combination of RCA support and the guidance from our counselors and therapists has helped both partners immeasurably to ease the pain of past hurts and to grow in their commitment and intimacy with each other.

"Who We Are" is a brief overview of the RCA program of recovery. RCA's philosophy includes the need for two partners to treat their coupleship as an entity, distinct and separate from their two individual recoveries -- a third entity needing the same nurturing and recovery as the two separate partners.

RCA's basic text includes the characteristics of functional and dysfunctional couples, 12 tools of coupleship recovery, several personal stories, and 30 daily reflections for couples.

Couples in RCA suffer from many different addictions and co-addictions, some identified and some not, some treated and some not. To achieve freedom from their addicted and destructive relationships, couples work RCA's Twelve Steps. In the first Step "We admitted we were powerless over our relationship -- that our life together had become unmanageable." The audio CD "Early Recovery: Steps 1-2-3" is the sharing of one long-timer couple's experience with the RCA program.

Thank you for your interest in RCA.

Please email your name and professional mailing address to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..