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#2 Vicki irw Dick M. 2015-12-04 01:34
We appreciate how filled with goodies this website is! We are going to print out a copy of the home page and hand one out to everyone at the meeting and then quickly point out all the various resources in the tab links so that our members are aware of these tools.
We have been using the Contracts a lot as we sponsor couples! We download them onto our computer and then when one is needed, we open it up and print it off. In some cases we alter the wording to fit the particular couple’s needs, sometimes adding or subtracting words or lines, and making the agreement be fitting to their needs. It has helped a LOT to define the exact issues and solutions, therefore allowing the couple more clarity to see the challenge and have hope for resolution.
When we first start to sponsor a couple, we have themt sign an agreement that they will complete all twelve steps with us — that’s been helpful.
As they work their steps with us we hear about challenges they are having so we use the appropriate contracts to solve them. We often customize the agreements to suit their needs. It aids in making things more clear to each of them and then they both can commit to the items listed.
Thank you to all who have contributed to creating and maintaining this helpful website!
Best wishes, Vicki irw Dick, Palm Desert, CA
#1 Elise 2015-08-27 14:44
I know there is a place couples can locate to register themselves as n the site.
Can we please have a place easy to locate for newly registered couples to become the next GCC?


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