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Here is the place to share your ideas on how we can “Grow our RCA Fellowship.”  How can we grow through "Attraction" without "Promotion?"  What would you share from your meetings, what ideas have you had but thought no one would want to hear?  Ours is a growing Fellowship and it is because of people like you, sharing your ideas and comments.  So come on...... let’s kick some ideas around and see what we can come up with.


#2 fsfields 2015-08-23 00:57
We have had several couples come to our meeting once or a few times, but are unable to participate regularly because they have young children. The cost of hiring a babysitter every week is prohibitive. Does any meeting have experience with possible solutions, e.g., arranging space adjacent to the meeting for childcare? (In another fellowship, meetings were held at a church and some members collectively arranged for childcare. No idea what issues there were re, e.g., liability insurance.) Ideas?
#1 pattianddan 2015-06-20 12:52
The biggest thing that I think ANY group can do is BE THERE and DO NOT BE AFRAID Of people who need you to be knowing that YOU ARE THERE....If the door had been locked on nthat April day of 1974.....I would most likely have died before now and would not have the chance to even write this

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