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Here are some Suggestions to find a sponsor couple:

  •  Attend at least 6 meetings to determine if RCA is right for your coupleship
  • Register on the RCA website and add your listing to the couples section.  Check for others in your area.

  • Have a Meeting of Two to agree that a commitment to be Sponsored is something you are both willing to try

  • Attend virtual and/or phone meets (listed on our RCA website), and announce that you are looking for a couple to Sponsor or co-Sponsor you

  • Participate in our monthly Step Study Meeting (register with the Stepstudy Facilitator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

  • Begin a Step Study in your Home Group using the Step Study CD's in our RCA Literature Store

  • Ask a couple in your Home Group to sponsor you

  • Attend a convention or retreat and ask a couple to sponsor you

  • Begin Step work together with the support of another couple (co-Sponsoring) in your Home Group