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Q: It’s one thing for one of us to decide to participate, but how do we work the program together, especially if we are struggling?

A: There are no simple answers to this question. At times, one member is more willing to work on the relationship than the other.  Sometimes, the best we can do is attend the RCA meeting as we let our Higher Power and the Fellowship show the way.

The program gives us the tools, and the choice is ours.  We are here to support each other through the sharing of our experience, strength and hope.  Recovering people know the price of neglected relationships.  RCA recovery meetings are one means of nurturing our relationship and provide opportunities to connect with our partner as well as with other couples.

Q: We hear the phrase, “A sponsor couple.”  What is a sponsor couple and how do you choose them?

A: A sponsor couple is another RCA recovering couple who shares with you their experience of working the Steps together. This couple can help you understand the RCA program, learn to use the tools, and just be there for you as a couple.  You may want to begin with a temporary sponsor couple until you find someone whose program is attractive to you, and to whom you are willing to be vulnerable, to trust, and to share who you really are as a couple.  Sponsor couples will often suggest activities that they have found to be successful in couple recovery.