Traveling Information

Full address of Conference Venue:

Barnett Hill Conference Centre

Blackheath Lane


Surrey GU5 0RF

England UK


Helpful Directions for travelling to the Venue:


How to get from Heathrow to the Barnet Hill Conference Centre?


By far the best option is to book a cab and agree the price. advised us of their rates which are listed below.


Public transport


To catch a coach to Woking  (at 21.00 per couple)

Then a train to Guildford  (at 7.00 per couple)

Then a taxi to Barnett Hill (costing 15.00 per couple)

Total cost 43.00 per couple and probably about 2hours door to door


Cab cost 53.00 / taxi (carrying up to 4 people) or 73.00 / taxi (carrying up to 8 people) around 50 minutes door to door



Special dietary requirements


The conference centre have assured us they are very accommodating regarding special dietary requirements. These need to be mentioned when you check in.


Is transportation limited on a Sunday?


The train services are less frequent. The Taxis service is not and they will charge the same rate regardless of the day.