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Our Daily Reader committee is assembling readings from around the globe to create a 366 page
inspirational book.  We would love to see YOUR submission go down in RCA history!

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This committee is tasked with ethical matters related to the operation of the WSO (World Service Organization) Board of Trustees. Their intention is to check that RCA’s Steps, Traditions, and Bylaws are honored. Members meet only when there is a concern brought to them.

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The Growing the Fellowship committee responds to inquiries from professionals who wish to speak with an RCA representative.  It is also available to groups who inquire about needing support with their growth and to the media questions or interviews regarding the RCA fellowship.

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This committee creates the quarterly newsletter. Submissions from the RCA membership, Board members, and committees provide a vital link with RCA’s business and fellowship news.

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The Literature committee has been tasked with informing the fellowship of submission guidliens and reviewing new literature, presenting ideas for new items to be created and distributed and supervising the creation of the RCA Daily Reader.

Meetings are the 4th Wednesday of the month or 4th Thursday if a change is necessary. Meeting time is 8:30pm EST.

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Our primary goal is to reach out to individual groups worldwide, and to inform them they have a voice in the fellowship. We serve as the primary connection between RCA’s Board of Trustees and individual groups. Outreach members communicate with Group Contact Couples (GCCs) to convey Board information concerning ballot decisions, and to promote the annual convention and sponsorship as tools of growth for the RCA program.

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Structure is most busy just before RCA’s Annual Convention and Annual Business Meeting, and prepares the topics that will be voted on by the fellowship in person, by proxy and by mail at Friday’s Business Meeting. They are entrusted with, and guided by, RCA’s bylaws and the laws in the state of Missouri, where RCA was incorporated. Structure:
 Prepares wording of topics to be voted on at the Annual Business Meeting
 Works with the Fellowship for clarification of intention, wording, and rationale when a motion is made
 Researches motions, and reports their implications to the Fellowship
Meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM, Pacific time.  

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The new RCA Translation Committee has responsibility for supporting, coordinating, and promoting the work of local translation committees. The RCA Translation Committee also helps ensure that translations preserve the integrity of the RCA message through a conceptual evaluation and approval process.  If you have experience in doing translation work, either for RCA or elsewhere, your experience is needed on this committee. While the committee will create its work-plan during its first meeting, the focus is expected to be on encouraging the growth of the fellowship outside English-speaking areas through tools, templates, resources and support of local groups in non-English speaking areas

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